Past, current Summary.

“At young age of 15 I started following classical music lessons (CCS & Private Piano lessons at the National Music School in Surinam)”my school teacher then requested me read few sentenced form a national song book encouraged
me to sing for my school yearly event and on special occasions, did this a while my interest however was more into arranging music. On my 17th I moved to The Netherlands and never lost touch with music- coming from a musical family,
I am a computer fanatic so wanted to move into compositions and studio work. I took more private music lessons and purchased my first workstation-synthesizer and studio equipment, I was always able to plug in my music setup easily.
(I got my first studio pc – “Atari” as a gift from a dear friend – almost all my friend were DJ, Sound Engineers, Band and Studio Musicians or Singers).

On my “30th” moved to UK where I have been resident completed my “Degree from University of Oxford” and work in Banking, more than often travel back between Netherlands, Surinam and UK and all over the place but always have music with

I Contribute to nonprofit organisation for elderly care” (HOBZ.EU). 

“Music is my hobby so thats why I am! “never #Bored”.


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